The Backup Camera Debris Shield

We have all experienced the annoying and dangerous problem of a dirty backup camera. Backup cameras seem to attract mud and dirt, rendering them useless when needed.

The patent pending Backup Camera Debris Shield is the newest way to keep your backup camera clean. This technology works by shielding the backup camera with a clear semicircular shield at all times until the car is placed into reverse, which is the only time that the backup camera is activated.  When the car is placed into reverse, the shield retracts and a crystal clear view of the rear of the vehicle is seen. When the vehicle is placed into any gear other than reverse, the shield will cover and protect the backup camera lens.

This technology works better than the jet spay currently available because it will prevent the development of stuck-on grime, which a jet spray of water can not dislodge. There is also no need to keep the spray reservoir full, and the debris shield is not easily broken off of the rear of the vehicle, like the retractable sprayer options.

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Backup Camera Debris Shield

Keep the backup camera clean!